Other Resources 參考資料


熱門文章,光明的智慧,老師的話,論語,聖賢行誼,孟子萬意 (Chinese 中文)

濟德佛院 質料中心

發一崇德台南道場濟德佛院 Ji De Temple in Tainan, Taiwan (Chinese 中文)


Dao class/lecture materials (Chinese 中文)


Fa-Yi Chong-De Institute website (Chinese 中文, some English)


Large collection of Dao related materials (Chinese 中文)


Buddhist stories (Chinese 中文)

Nichiren Buddhism Library (English)

The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism

The Lotus Sutra and its opening and closing sutras

Buddhistdoor Buddhist terms dictionary 佛教辭典

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism 電子佛教辭典

CJKV-English Dictionary

A Dictionary of Sinitic Characters and Compounds Related to East Asian Cultural, Political, and Intellectual History

結緣訓 (中文)


發一慈法廣濟英文道學網 Simply Dao—I-Kuan Tao

Blog site with Chinese and English materials (中英 Chinese and English)

English Dao lectures

Lecture materials from Kuang Ming Saint Tao Temple in California.

專有名詞 Dao terms (中英)

Index of Dao terms Chinese and English

一貫道世界總會 (中文)


清靜經 (中文)


道德 (中文) Dao De (English)

Literature, audio and video recordings relating to Dao. These are almost all in Chinese.

Nhất Quán Tùng Thư (越文 Vietnamese)

越文道學質料 Vietnamese Dao materials


One-stop online resources center for Yi Guan Dao. (the site appears not to be active)

TrueTao.org and Taoism.net

Many well-written and insightful articles pertaining to Dao in daily life. If you have a hard time relating the principles and philosophy of Dao to life, then you should read the articles on this site.

dhamma - I-Kuan Tao Elements of the Mind

Contains some articles discussing some general topics related to Dao. Also includes Journey to the Underworld (see the link below).

Journey to the Underworld

Voyages to Hell (another translation)

The recorded spiritual journeys to the underworld of Mr. Yang Sheng. He was taken to visit the underworld by Ji-Gong Buddha to see how the souls suffered there for the wrongs they did while they were living and instructed to write a book detailing what he saw. The purpose of the book is to let people know that there is a hell where souls are punished for bad deeds, thereby encouraging people to morally rectify themselves.


Anthology of vegetarian poetry.

佛教卡通院 (中文影片)

Cartoons illustrating Buddhist teachings. These are only in Chinese. Requires RealPlayer or other player with the RealMedia codec.

太上感應篇 Tractate of the Most High One on Actions and Consequences

This is the work of Lao Zi. Translated into English with the original Chinese.

24 Paragons of Filial Piety

These are the accounts of filial people in Chinese history. Filial piety or devotion is important not only in Chinese culture but in all cultures. As Confucius so wisely taught, upholding the relationships within the family is the basis for a harmonious society. Here's another link.

二十四孝卡通 (24 Stories of Filial Devotion)

Cartoons illustrating the 24 Paragons of Filial Piety. These are in Chinese with English subtitles.

Chinese Text Project (中英)

中國哲學書電子化計劃. 您可以打開參考系統簡介. The Chinese Text Project is a web-based e-text system designed to present ancient Chinese texts, particularly those relating to Chinese philosophy, in a well-structured and properly cross-referenced manner, making the most of the electronic medium to aid in the study and understanding of these texts. You may wish to read more about the project.

論語 Analects

Full text of the Analects by Confucius. In Chinese, English and other languages. 另外中文版. Another English translation.

論語 Analects

中庸 Doctrine of the Mean

大學 The Great Learning

孝經 Classic of Filial Piety

道德經 Dao De Jing

The Confucius's teachings and Lao Tzu's Dao De Jing at zhonwen.com with dictionary links for each Chinese character.

Analects of Confucius 論語

Great Learning 大學

Doctrine of the Mean 中庸

Mencius 孟子

Daode jing 道德經

Zhuangzi (Chapter One) 莊子

Translations by A. Charles Muller. Part of Muller's Web Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought.

道德經 Tao and Virtue Classic

Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching) English translation at truetao.org.

老前人慈悲 (中文影片)


光慧書局 Guang Hui Cultural Corporation

Order Dao books and materials in Chinese, English, and other languages (中文,英文,外文)

明德出版品 Ming Der Books

Dao books and CDs in Chinese, English, and other languages (中文,英文,外文)