2020-03-15 Words of Wisdom

Post date: Mar 15, 2020 1:26:01 AM

仙佛慈訓: 為師到你們家, 你們可要心中充滿著法喜, 不要愁眉苦臉, 不要我到你們家卻被你們的臭氣薰出來, 人的臭氣是很強的。家裏要感染一些好的氣氛、好的氣息。不要讓為師一去就被薰出來。

Saints and Buddhas' merciful words: When Holy Teacher comes to your home, your heart should be filled with the joy of perceiving the Truth. Don't wear a sad face with knitted eyebrows; don't let me be driven out by the stench of your negativities. People's stench is very smelly. A family should be filled with a good mood and atmosphere. Don't let Holy Teacher be driven out by the stench as soon as I arrive.