2018-12-09 Words of Wisdom

Post date: Dec 9, 2018 2:00:29 AM

仙佛慈訓: 修道很簡單,第一、將不好的習慣改掉;第二、捨己為人,不求回報;第三、雖然受人情冷暖,仍然熱情彭拜,濟世求人,如此方為聖賢仙佛的腳步。

Saints and Buddhas' merciful words: Cultivation is very simple: 1st, discard one's bad habits. 2nd, sacrifice oneself for the sake of others without seeking reciprocation. 3rd, despite mistreatment from society, still passionately save people and serve the public. These are the footsteps of Sages, Saints and Buddhas.