Bright_Wisdom_01-09.pdf — A collection of wisdom from the teachings of Ji-Gong Living Buddha. (English)

Chinese Fables and Folk Stories (M. Davis).pdf — Scanned book from the Internet Archives

Diamond Sutra (translated from Kumarajiva's Chinese version).pdf — 金剛經 Diamond Sutra translated from Kumarajiva's Chinese version (English)

General_MacArthur_revelation.pdf — 麥克阿瑟結緣訓 or General Douglas MacArthur's Revelation of His Having Attained the Dao is a transcription of a "sandwriting" scripture in which General Douglas MacArthur describes how he attained the Dao. (English)

Ten Admonishments from Huang-Mu to the Children.pdf — 皇母訓子十誡 A (perhaps original?) translation of the scripture. (English)

Ten Admonitory Sermons from Lao-Mu for Her Children.pdf — 皇母訓子十誡 An interpretation of the scripture with explanatory notes. (中文/English)

The Letter from Home.pdf — 家鄉信書 A (perhaps original?) translation of the scripture. (English)

TV vẫn đang cập nhật sách mới — Vật liệu Đào Việt 越文道學資料 Vietnamese Dao materials

再問徒 你知不知道...jpg — 活佛恩師慈語

如寶仙童 (scanned).pdf — 這本書是真人真事,敘述如寶仙童的故事。我們希望藉著這本書,讀者可以對道之尊貴更有信心。

如寶仙童 Ru Bao (Precious) Immortal Child (scanned).pdf — "Ru Bao (Precious) Immortal Child"This book is based on the actual dictation of the incidents of "Ru Bao Immortal Child Beseeched and Attained the Tao." It is our greatest hope that the readers will gain more confidence and insights about the precious Tao.

徒兒!就讓為師在你...jpg — 活佛恩師慈語

當徒兒.jpg — 活佛恩師慈語

靈妙仙丹-樂道佛院-01.jpg — 靈妙天尊慈語