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2018-09-23 Words of Wisdom

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仙佛慈訓: 要了生死,一定要斷煩惱,你煩惱由什麼而生?因為有貪、嗔、癡,[貪],常常貪心不足、憤憤不平,也常常生愛慾,看到什麼愛什麼,愛不得就生痛苦,所以煩惱皆從毒來,三毒就是貪、嗔、癡。

Saints and Buddhas' merciful words: To transcend birth and death, one must cut off vexations. What has caused these vexations? They are caused by desires, anger, and ignorance. When one is always greedy and not contented, it will make them feel resentful and often raise desires of love. We crave for things we see, and suffer when we don't receive what we yearn for. Therefore, vexations come from the three poisons: desires, anger and ignorance.

2018-09-16 Words of Wisdom

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仙佛慈訓: 心是假,什麼都是假,心真即是真,心誠一切就化為光明;心不靜,就排不好的氣,所以要把這股正氣迸發出來,讓人家能夠感受得到。

Saints and Buddhas' merciful words: If our heart is false, everything is fake; if our heart is genuine, everything is true. Sincerity can brighten everything. When your heart is not peaceful, you'll emit bad energy. Thus, we have to let our righteousness rise so others can feel this positive energy.

2018-09-08 Words of Wisdom

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仙佛慈訓: 修道就是先改變自己,而且不要先入為主。要先觀察、先體悟、還要先參與,你才可以下定論。

Saints and Buddhas' merciful words: Cultivation of Dao is about changing ourselves and not to be prejudiced by preconceptions. Before making any conclusions, observe, comprehend and participate first.

2018-08-27 Words of Wisdom

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仙佛慈訓: 學道要先從心做起,所謂相由心生,佛性顯現時,不會有好壞善惡,更不會被外境所影響。

Saints and Buddhas' merciful words: Learning Dao should begin with the heart. It is said that a person's appearance is a reflection of his heart. When the Buddha Nature manifests, good or bad, kind or evil, everything becomes irrelevant. Furthermore, one will not be influenced by outside forces.


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Ji Gong Living Buddha’s Merciful Teaching (read 3 times daily)

天使並非只是口號 而是要能道理做到

Being an angel is not just a slogan; one must act on the principles.

善良本質緊緊懷抱 學會善巧快樂行孝

Hold tightly to our good nature; learn the art of being happy while being filial.

不要任性脾氣常鬧 平平和和不急不躁

Do not be headstrong and constantly vent bad temper; be calm and harmonious, and do not be impatient or rash.

無論長得什麼樣貌 都要時時面帶微笑

Regardless of our natural appearance, we always must wear a smile.

遇到問題不要亂叫 靜下心來聽聽忠告

Do not arbitrarily make a fuss when having a problem; calmly listen to earnest advice.

莫讓小事將心纏繞 心胸寬大利於解套

Do not be bothered by or entwined in trivial matters; a broad heart/mind is beneficial to getting out of the trap.

人外有人不必驕傲 天外有天謙卑為妙

No need to be arrogant as there is always someone better; to be humble is the best tactic as there is always something greater.

美好生活真理依靠 光明坦蕩才是王道

A fine life depends on true principles; a bright, broad and level path is the noble way.

人生端賴自己創造 知足感恩善緣感召

Our life is ultimately determined by our own actions; being content and grateful elicits good affinity.

這是一帖仙丹妙藥 認真服用最有福報

These words make up an elixir; take it diligently for best karmic rewards.

十二個放下 12 Relinquishments

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活佛恩師慈悲教導 Merciful Teaching by Holy Teacher

2018.06.10 美國加州淨化佛堂 (Jing Hua Temple, California, USA)

放下對立 學習親愛 創造和諧的人生

Let go of confrontation, learn to love and create a harmonious life.

放下猜疑 學習信任 創造美好的人生

Let go of suspicions, learn to trust and create a beautiful life.

放下冷漠 學習關懷 創造幸福的人生

Let go of indifference, learn to be caring and create a blessed life.

放下批評 學習讚美 創造快樂的人生

Let go of criticism, learn to compliment and create a happy life.

放下計較 學習大量 創造寬廣的人生

Let go of bickering, learn to be magnanimous and create an expansive life.

放下嫉妒 學習隨喜 創造祥和的人生

Let go of envy, learn to rejoice with others and create a peaceful and auspicious life.

放下貪求 學習佈施 創造富饒的人生

Let go of greedy pursuits, learn to give and create a content and bountiful life.

放下瞋恨 學習柔和 創造輕鬆的人生

Let go of anger and hatred, learn to be gentle and create a relaxed life.

放下是非 學習清靜 創造安定的人生

Let go of rights and wrongs, learn to be dispassionate and create a tranquil life.

放下爭辯 學習自省 創造智慧的人生

Let go of disputes, learn to introspect and create a life of wisdom.

放下繁雜 學習精簡 創造單純的人生

Let go of complexity, learn to simplify and create a straightforward life.

放下放下 學習性空 創造真實的人生

Let go of letting go, learn to be thus (tathata) and create a life of suchness (tattva).

我們修的道是什麼 The Dao We Are Cultivating Is...

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Holy Teacher’s merciful guidance:

The Dao that we are cultivating is to clear up our sins, not so that we have neither illnesses nor difficulties.

The Dao that we are cultivating is to give us wisdom and enlightenment, not so that we can enjoy smooth sailing.

The Dao that we are cultivating is to let us understand and realize the truth, not so that we can get whatever we pray for.

The Dao that we are cultivating is to resolve our karmic debts and return to Heaven, not so that we can avoid misfortunes and calamities.

The Dao that we are cultivating is to let us transcend life and death, not so that we can live forever.

靈妙仙丹 Elixir of Life 2013.11.01

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靈妙仙丹 (發一同義 毓佛宮 澳門樂道佛院安座)

仙丹一帖十二粒 送給有缘福加被 不必花錢費力氣 取之用之任由你
按時服用莫忘記 百日自然可築基 二六謹慎勿大意 功夫精湛返無極
  1. 父母要孝順 心性要柔順
    待人要和順 因緣要隨順
  2. 觀念沒有偏頗 心中沒有怒火
    責任沒有閃躲 公正沒有私我
  3. 冷眼旁觀紛紛擾擾 醒醒覺覺不爭不吵
    歲月無情人生易老 常清常靜珍惜分秒
  4. 身體要照顧 心念要守住
    道德要維護 眾生要廣渡
  5. 耐得住寂寞 禁得起誘惑
    看得開起落 學得會沉默
  6. 忘了總比記著好 放下也比拿著好
    感恩真比抱怨好 起行是比坐言好
  7. 對立放一邊 互助功德添
    和諧存心間 團結為上天
  8. 惜緣又惜福 知止又知足
    抱道又抱樸 去假又去毒
  9. 錢財不貪不義 革除言不及義
    做人有情有義 遵守公理正義
  10. 學習看人好處 改正自己錯處
    戒慎恐懼小處 潔淨內心深處
  11. 找到修行的樂趣 培養人格如美玉
    面對考驗心無懼 了愿精神當永續
  12. 飲食要能漸清淡 生活要有好習慣
    笑容要再更燦爛 眼睛要常向內看
Elixir of Life prescribed by Holy Teacher (Ji-Gong Living Buddha) for everybody with affinity.

Take the following 12 "tablets" as often as needed for your physical and spiritual health. Do not skip a dose. Perfect your effort. You will see positive results in three months.

  1. Be filial to our parents; soften our hearts; Be courteous to others; follow affinity naturally.
  2. Refrain from biased/skewed thoughts; harbor no anger in the heart; Don’t shun responsibilities; be fair and just without ego (be impartial and selfless).
  3. Look on world’s chaos with a calm mind; be aware and do not be involved in arguments;
    Life passes on, waiting for no one; maintain constant quietude and cherish every second
  4. Take good care of our health; hold onto our proper mind; Maintain a high moral standard; widely bring people to Dao/truth
  5. Be able to endure solitude/loneliness; be able to resist temptation; Take life’s ups and downs easy (see through life’s ups and downs; Learn to be quiet/silent
  6. It is always better to forget than to remember; it is also better to let go of things than to hold fast to them; Gratitude is better than complaints; getting up to practice what we preach is better than just sitting and preaching it.
  7. Put aside antagonism; helping each other increases merit and virtue; Nurture harmony at heart; unite for the sake of heaven
  8. Cherish affinity as well as blessings; know where the limits are and be content; Hold onto the Dao and maintain innocence/purity; purge falsehood as well as poisons (greed, anger, fatuity)
  9. Do not ogle at unaccountable/unjustifiable wealth; eradicate unjust/unrighteous speech; Be a caring and righteous person; obey universal truth and principles
  10. Learn to look for good in others; resolve to correct our faults;Be extra vigilant with trivial matters; purify ourselves in the depth of our heart
  11. Derive pleasure from cultivating Dao; develop a character like flawless jade; Be fearless in the face of trials; have an undying aspiration in fulfilling vows
  12. Develop an appetite for light-flavored food; establish good habits in life; Make our smiles brighter; look inward often in introspection.

聖云 Saint’s Words IV

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Saint’s Words IV
When karma/affinity unites us, be kind and endearing to each other.
When fate sets us apart, bid farewell naturally without attachments.
When we are alive, be wholehearted and magnanimous.
When we die, leave this world freely with a perfect ending.

聖云:凡事感激 Saint's Words III: Be Grateful for Everything

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Saint's Words III: Be Grateful for Everything

Thank those who hurt us, because they harden our determination.
Thank those who deceive us, because they promote our wisdom.
Thank those who defame us, because they temper our character.
Thank those who defeat us, because they inspire our winning spirit.
Thank those who desert us because they teach us to be independent.
Thank those who make us stumble, because they help strengthen our legs.
Thank those who criticize us, because they make us aware of our shortcomings. 
Be grateful to all who make us stronger…….

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