Awaken to the Buddha Within

To Realize One’s True Nature Is To Realize the Buddha Within

Welcome to Happy Buddha Precious Temple

Our temple is one of many around the world dedicated to teaching people the way of Dao (Tao). The way of Dao is the path to nirvana or ultimate enlightenment such as that achieved by Buddha over two thousand five hundred years ago. Dao is not just a concept, philosophy, or practice, but all of these. It is the underlying principle of nature itself and of all the major world religious practices. Dao is also the underlying principle of life itself. Dao cannot be understood simply as knowledge. Dao must be experienced and realized (practiced). This is because the wellspring of Dao comes from within.

We have weekly study sessions to learn from the teachings of Buddha and other sages and saints. We also learn to practice what we have learned. Eventually, it is the daily practice that gives us the experience, inspiration, faith and wisdom to truly comprehend and embrace Dao.

The Truth or Dao that we seek is not outside, but within each of us. In order to understand this, you are invited to read the various topics of Understanding Dao.

Recent Updates

  • Next Dharma Class in 2018 How time flies! We are so busy with life that we become unaware of the passing of time. Amid our hectic life, have you ever paused and asked yourself: What is the meaning of life?We cordially invite you to a two-day dharma class at Happy Buddha Precious Temple on May 19th and 20th (2018). We hope you will find answers to a lot of questions you have about life. During the dharma class, we will: Explore the true meaning of life;Discover the everlasting truth between heaven and earth;Learn to restore our innate wisdom;Elevate our spirituality and bring our life to a new horizon. Class Date & Time: 5/19 - 5/20 (Sat & Sun) 8am ...
    Posted Nov 25, 2017, 7:53 AM by Tai Jin
  • 涅槃經 (劉芳村講師) 錄音上載了 34 涅槃經 (2015-05-09) / 講者: 劉芳村講師35 涅槃經 (2015-05-16) / 講者: 劉芳村講師36 涅槃經 (2015-05-23) / 講者: 劉芳村講師37 涅槃經 (2015-05-30) / 講者: 劉芳村講師
    Posted Jun 5, 2015, 3:15 PM by Tai Jin
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English Dao Study

Dao in Daily Life

  • Live in the Moment (part 2) Previously, we talked about living in the moment, and how we tend to put things off until later what we can actually do today. Perhaps it is human nature to be selective about these things. We tend to want instant gratification, yet when it comes to doing things for others we tend to put it off for later. So on the one hand, we prefer to live in the moment of instant gratification, and on the other hand we procrastinate into the future what we probably should be doing today. Therefore, it's reasonable to say that we tend to live in the moment for ourselves and not for others. In other words, we tend to be selfish.So given ...
    Posted May 19, 2012, 8:57 AM by Tai Jin
  • Live in the Moment We hear it said that we should live in the moment. What does that mean? It is the same as the old adage, "seize the day." Sometimes we say, "I'll get around to doing it tomorrow." Perhaps 99% of the time, this may turn out to be fine, but for that 1% of the time, tomorrow may never come. For all the planning that we do, both our karma and Nature can ruin our plans. Sometimes these setbacks are only temporary, and we can adjust our plans accordingly. But many times, these setbacks are permanent and no matter what, we will never be able to achieve what we had planned to do. Here is a short video that very ...
    Posted Nov 10, 2014, 6:48 PM by Tai Jin
  • Give and Take There was a story about two souls ready to be born into the world as humans. God told them to choose what kind of person they wanted to be: either a person with palms facing upward or a person with palms facing downward. The first soul decided that it would be better to be a person with palms facing upward, because that meant receiving things (fortune, etc.) without putting in much effort. The second soul decided that it would be better to be a person with palms facing downward, because that meant always giving to others. So after they were born, the first person became a beggar who was constantly begging for food, while the second person became a wealthy ...
    Posted Apr 10, 2012, 4:58 PM by Tai Jin
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Words of Wisdom

  • 我們修的道是什麼 The Dao We Are Cultivating Is... 活佛老師慈訓 我們是修消冤解孽的道 而不是修無病無考的道 我們是修智慧覺照的道 而不是修一路順風的道 我們是修明理通達的道 而不是修有求必應的道 我們是修了劫還鄉的道 而不是修躲災避難的道 我們是修超生了死的道而不是修永生不死的道Holy Teacher’s merciful guidance: The Dao that we are cultivating is to clear up our sins, not so that we have neither illnesses nor difficulties. The Dao that we are cultivating is to give us wisdom and enlightenment, not so that we can enjoy smooth sailing. The Dao that we are cultivating is to let us understand and realize the truth, not so that we can get whatever we pray for. The Dao that we are cultivating is to resolve our karmic debts and return to Heaven, not so that we can avoid misfortunes and calamities. The Dao that we are cultivating is to let us transcend life ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2014, 5:56 PM by Tai Jin
  • 靈妙仙丹 Elixir of Life 2013.11.01 靈妙仙丹 (發一同義 毓佛宮 澳門樂道佛院安座) 仙丹一帖十二粒 送給有缘福加被 不必花錢費力氣 取之用之任由你 按時服用莫忘記 百日自然可築基 二六謹慎勿大意 功夫精湛返無極 父母要孝順 心性要柔順 待人要和順 因緣要隨順 觀念沒有偏頗 心中沒有怒火 責任沒有閃躲 公正沒有私我 冷眼旁觀紛紛擾擾 醒醒覺覺不爭不吵 歲月無情人生易老 常清常靜珍惜分秒 身體要照顧 心念要守住 道德要維護 眾生要廣渡 耐得住寂寞 禁得起誘惑 看得開起落 學得會沉默 忘了總比記著好 放下也比拿著好 感恩真比抱怨好 起行是比坐言好 對立放一邊 互助功德添 和諧存心間 團結為上天 惜緣又惜福 知止又知足 抱道又抱樸 去假又去毒 錢財不貪不義 革除言不及義 做人有情有義 遵守公理正義 學習看人好處 改正自己錯處 戒慎恐懼小處 潔淨內心深處 找到修行的樂趣 培養人格如美玉 面對考驗心無懼 了愿精神當永續 飲食要能漸清淡 生活要有好習慣 笑容要再更燦爛 眼睛要常向內看 Elixir of Life prescribed by Holy Teacher (Ji-Gong Living Buddha) for everybody with affinity. Take the following 12 "tablets" as often as needed for your physical and spiritual health. Do not skip a dose. Perfect your effort. You will see positive results in three months. Be filial to our parents; soften our hearts; Be courteous to others; follow affinity ...
    Posted Aug 18, 2014, 8:20 AM by Tai Jin
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