There'll Always Be A New Day (白水老人美國開道卅週年紀念)
源遠流長 / #7There'll Always Be A New Day
Melody: 聖哲不遠 調寄:創造曲
2013.08.14 溫哥華
英文歌詞 彭世華 林曉通 彭欣慧 游青容 李明蓁
英文/English lyrics
源遠流長 白水老人美國開道卅週年紀念專輯
Music by 陳集芬 Jean Chen
Performance by 翟文琪 蔡亦君

次序 sequence: 1,2,1,2,2,2,2,3,3
Arms are open wide; Embrace the world 1
Visions of the dawn; Carry me through the night
Blessings from the sky; I no longer ask why
Full of gracious mind; Bliss always by my side
And you and me, hand in hand we go 2
And you and me, heart to heart we go
And you and me, let's color the world
For sure we can... Never let go
There'll always be a new day 3