MP3   不能不想您 Can't Help Missing You (Video will be updated) (崔老點傳師紀念歌; Video will be updated)
調寄:不能不想你 Melody: Can't Help Missing You
崔老點傳師紀念歌 Song in remembrance of Elder Master Tsui
2013.01.08 同義宮/Tong Yi Temple
中文歌詞 道親作詞
Chinese lyrics by Dao kin

Preliminary translation

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,4,2,5,6
不能不想您 在這同義家族裡 1Can't help missing you in this Tong-Yi family
有一分熟悉熟悉的記憶 烙印在我心底 There's a familiar, familiar memory engraved deep in my heart
不能不想您 在這離別時刻裡 2Can't help missing you during this time of farewell
有一顆不變不變的真心 感動我心底 There's an unchanging, unchanging true heart that touches me deeply
這是您老許下的諾語 千魔萬考始終如一 3It's the promise you made to be steadfast in the face of countless trials
也是上天慈悲的賜與 經歷了洗禮更珍惜 Heaven's mercy is cherished even more after enduring severe hardships
不能不想您 在這溫馨道場裡 4Can't help missing you in this warm Dao community
慈悲叮嚀語修辦要積極 顯露自性菩提 A kind reminder to cultivate and reveal the Buddha within
有您在我修辦的歲月裡 也要創造白陽奇蹟 5Having been a guide to my cultivation, I must help forge the White Era
有您在我有限的生命裡 一切更加有意義 Having been a part of my limited life makes it all much more meaningful
不能不想您 在這無常世界裡 6Can't help missing you in this ever changing world
讓思念化成無限的大動力 渡眾生回無極 Let the yearning become a boundless force to ferry everyone to Heaven