MP3   (因為愛 Because of Love) (not recorded; no video)
調寄:因為愛 Melody: Because of Love
2012.06.03 愛荷華州臨時佛堂
中文歌詞 濟公活佛 慈訓
Chinese lyrics by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

Preliminary translation

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,1,2,3,3
喚吾原孩 師心你可明白 1Calling God’s children, understand Teacher’s heart?
成功或者失敗 都讓它隨緣看待 Success or failure should be looked upon as being due to karma
韶華不等待 青春已不再 Beauty does not wait, youth does not return
愛徒別再徘徊 認理實修要大步邁 Dear disciples do not hesitate, to know the truth and to cultivate require taking big steps
調整自己的心態 發憤圖強道情澎湃 2Adjust one’s mindset, determine to do better and Dao love/passion will surge
在這紛亂的時代 也當學會自我主宰 During these chaotic times, learn to be one’s own master
勇敢地站起來 And stand up bravely
行大愛 真不賴 充滿了歡樂多愉快 3Show great love, truly not bad; full of happiness and joy
掃陰霾惡習甩 讓人生充滿了光采 Sweep away the haze and bad habits; let life be bright and colorful
行大愛 真不賴 甘露法雨用心灌溉 Show great love, truly not bad; diligently irrigate with sweet dew and dharma rain
不管風吹或日曬 徒兒的心永遠也不要更改 Regardless of hardships, disciples’ hearts must never change again