(Rain and Tears 雨和淚) (NO recording)
Rain and Tears(伴奏)
Melody: Rain and Tears 調寄:雨和淚
2010.11.12 彌勒寶堂/Happy Buddha Precious Temple
英文歌詞 南屏濟公 慈訓
英文/English scripture by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,4
All my dear disciples 1
Dear disciples spread Dao together
Come here with me, your teacher
Be a leader, navigate a river
All my lovely disciples 2
Undertake the Dao matter
Let’s shoulder to shoulder
Dear disciples make your whole life better
You are sisters, dear 3
You are brothers, dear
Enlighten each other
Dear disciples go on the Way forever
All my dear disciples 4
Dear disciples, please trust me your teacher
Don’t be sad or bitter
When you need me, I will always be there