Cherish Your Lives 珍惜你的生命 (NO recording)
Cherish Your Lives(伴奏)
Melody: Edelweiss 調寄:小白花
2010.05.30 彌勒寶堂/Happy Buddha Precious Temple
英文歌詞 南屏濟顛 慈訓
英文/English scripture by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

Preliminary translation

南屏濟顛慈語Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)'s merciful words
不要計較學會包容Do not bicker, learn to forgive
包容能夠更加成長Forgiveness enhances our growth
不要嫉妒學會隨喜Do not be envious, learn to be content
隨喜能夠更加有福Contentment adds to our blessings
次序 sequence: 1,2,1,2
Disciples, disciples 1徒兒們,徒兒們
You are my lovely disciples 你們是我可愛的徒兒們
Cute and bright, kind and wise 可愛聰明仁慈又有智慧
Go on the Dao way day and night 二六時中合於道
Control your emotion, keep a good... 2控制你的脾氣,保留好...
Keep a good ambition 保留好的志向
Disciples, disciples 徒兒們,徒兒們
Have a good motivation 保有好的心念