(Expression of Your Eyes 你的眼神)
Expression of Your Eyes
Melody: Expression of Your Eyes 調寄:你的眼神
1999.04.xx 光明聖道院
英文歌詞 濟公活佛 慈訓
英文/English scripture by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,4,4
Put my heart in your hands; My love never ends 1把師的心放到徒的手裡 師的愛永無終止
Fly with the wings of your life 展開生命的翅膀
To the path of maturing; Much expectations 飛向至臻至善的旅途 帶著無限的期望、
Much sincerities and love 真誠和熱愛
Though obstacles are ahead; You shall be firm and strong 2即使前方有崎嶇 你還是要堅定又堅強
Oh! My dear little ones, I’ll be with you 噢!我親愛的徒兒們 師會與你們同行
Oh! I’ll be with you always 噢!師永遠與你們在一起
Put your heart in my hands; Cherish that feeling 3把徒的心放到師的手裡 師會永遠珍惜徒的誠摯
Forget me not; I’ll cherish you 勿忘師 師會永遠珍惜你
Much time has passed by; So many words with love 4師的關愛 不會隨時光流逝(時光流逝 帶不走師對徒的關愛)
Please take care of yourself; Please come home soon 請你們珍重 請你們安然(快快)回家
Oh, my dear little ones, forget me not 親愛的徒兒們 勿忘師叮嚀