Without You 沒有你 (NO recording; NO video)
Without You(伴奏)
Melody: Without You 調寄:沒有你
2009.05.24 彌勒寶堂/Happy Buddha Precious Temple
中文歌詞 靈隱禪師濟顛 慈訓
中文/Chinese scripture by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

Preliminary translation

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,1,3
如果生命不曾有你 我將流浪去到哪裏 1If life is to be without you; Oh, where would I be drifting to?
在世上尋尋覓覓癡癡迷迷 Foolishly searching and lost in this world
回想起一切的際遇 令人驚喜感謝你 Reflecting on life's ups and downs; Pleasantly grateful to you
我的生命一直有你 給我信心給我勇氣 2In my life, I've always had you; Gave me confidence and courage
帶領我走向光明的至善地 Leading me to a bright place of utmost good
過去未來那麼的緊密 充滿意義真感謝你 Past and future are inseparable; Meaningfully grateful to you
我努力讓更多人認識你 3I'll work hard to let more people know you
我積極讓世界更美麗 I'll vigorously make the world more beautiful
和平永遠和我們一起 Together peacefully forever
快樂永遠都不分離 Together happily forever