(Scarborough Fair) (NO recording)
Scarborough Fair(伴奏)
Melody: Scarborough Fair
2004.06.19 德遠壇
中文歌詞 南屏道濟 慈訓
中文/Chinese scripture by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

Preliminary translation

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,4,4
感謝天使的真愛溫情 1Thanks for the warmth and love from angels
帶動我平凡的生命 They guide me through my daily life
讓我感受柔和的光明 They let me feel their gentle brightness
也進入繽紛的美景 And see rich abundant beauty
澄澈的眼睛是閃亮的星 2Crystal clear eyes are like sparkling stars
點綴我黑暗的夜空 They adorn my darkest night
帶來歡樂可愛的天使 A lovely angel brings me great joy
就是我的心愛 baby That is my beloved baby
美麗的笑容是盛開的花 3Beautiful smile like a blossoming flower
燦爛我空曠的園地 Fills my mind with vibrance and life
豐富了我美好的天使 A wondrous angel enriches me
就是我的親密愛人 That is my most precious sweetheart
聲聲的叮嚀是熟悉的歌 4Their exhortations are a well-known song
打動我沉寂的心靈 Causing to stir my quiet heart
鼓勵著我慈祥的天使 My kind and encouraging angels
就是我的父親母親 They are my father and mother