MP3   長者風範 Demeanor of a Revered Elder (崔老點傳師紀念歌)
調寄:掌聲響起 Melody: Arising Applause
崔老點傳師紀念歌 Song in remembrance of Elder Master Tsui
2013.01.08 同義宮/Tong Yi Temple
中文歌詞 道親作詞
Chinese lyrics by Dao kin

Preliminary translation

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,1,2,3,3
心懷頂劫救世愿 捨身辦道離家園 1For the sake of humanity; Propagating Dao, leaving family
繼承前人遺志四十年 Fulfilling predecessor's wish for forty years
佛堂生計您打點 重重關考無怨言 Supporting the temple selflessly; No complaints despite adversity
修道辦道為優先 The practice of Dao is your top priority
仙佛慈訓一篇篇 您老抄訓一遍遍 2Buddha's every word of mercy; Transcribing each meticulously
為了普渡而到處成全 Encouraging Dao kin in each country
各國奔波不言倦 佛堂設立一間間 Traveling and speaking tirelessly; Dedicating temples routinely
佛像佛桌親自選 Choosing altars and statues personally
您老的笑臉 寬容的展現 3In your smile there is tolerance and mercy
讓我們有力量更向前 Giving us strength to progress onwardly
您老的花卷 溫暖在心田 Your homemade steamed rolls fills the heart warmly
後學永遠感激懷念 We are indebted to you eternally