A Childlike Heart (NO video)
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A Childlike Heart
Melody: 用心良苦
英文歌詞 濟公活佛 慈訓
英文/English scripture by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,4,5
Life on earth has made you weary 1
Past mistakes make your heart heavy
Darkness veils and hides your spirit's light
Fallen sage, still beloved 2
Ask yourself what's true and blessed
Can we count on you to hold the light?
A child-like heart for me 3
A simple honesty
Not this proud, cold dark heart you've turned out to be
You say you will walk the way 4
But your heart is still astray
Lost in lines, deep in debts, dust to dust—your soul regrets
Please don't wait till it's too late 5
Worldly ways are all in vain
Teacher's heart, more than you know, worries for you wherever you go