My Heart Will Go On
My Heart Will Go On(中文)
額外錄音 Alternate recordings (伴奏)
Melody: Theme from "Titanic"
1998.07.12 彌勒寶堂/Happy Buddha Precious Temple
中英歌詞 濟公活佛 慈訓
中英/Chinese & English scripture by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

Preliminary translation

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,2,4
靈心慧性聖臧 澤耀耀透榮光 1Holy light of the soul, it is shining, it is glorious
開敞真如智慧溫床 Brighten our hearts with wisdom
冥冥遙路聖堂 隔你我各一方 Far away from heaven does space keep us apart
帝心慈憫明燈導航 Lord has come to guide us—go on
悲情遊子迷失方向 2Here, there, don’t you lose your way
生信心抱定理想主張 Hold your hands, show the heart does arouse
問情塵雨當悽涼 Tears rain, who has ever cared?
天佛心是有心 祈福祝願齊心同往 God is here in the heart bless the heart to go on and on
道賜光明聖降 啟人生蘊心房 3Dao enlightens us on time, it inspires us for a lifetime
激濁揚清聖使頌暢 Pray by saint to give up the fake one
命寓青天朗朗 不隨波不迷惘 Life’s the heart of the angel, don’t let go, do not hide
遵崇真諦勵行綱常 Follow the heart of the real true one
堅強讓力量茁壯 4Encourage, don’t back slide your step
一佇足終身抱憾惆悵 if you’re sure that your heart will move on
解放眷憐冀安康 God befriends, forgives all the pain
誰掬一淚誰駐 我心掬杯醉月憑空懷想 Wipe the tears, touch the heart, for the heart will go on and on