MP3   自性放光芒 True Nature Radiates Brilliance
CD: 蓮花朵朵開 / Track: 5
調寄:陪你看日出 Melody: Accompanying You to Watch the Sunrise
2007.12.25 春輝儒院/Chun Hui Temple (Indonesia)
中文歌詞 濟公活佛 慈訓
Chinese lyrics by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

Preliminary translation

濟公活佛慈語Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)'s merciful words
希望徒兒的自性能像太陽一樣光明,只是我們做出來的行為不好,有毛病、脾氣、私心、慾望,把光明自性遮住了,所以做出來的事情,常常會做錯Wishing disciples’ True Nature can be as bright as the sun. Because we do not conduct ourselves well, have faults, bad temper, selfishness, and craving for material things, our bright Nature is obscured. As such, we constantly make mistakes (and do the wrong things).
次序 sequence: 1,2,3,2,2,4
謙虛自牧是修道的態度 1Modesty and acquiescence is the manner of cultivation
哪有無明隨便生氣發怒 How can there be wanton outbursts of anger
修道人保持清明的心湖 Cultivators maintain a clear and calm heart
滾滾紅塵依然堅定能自主 In a turbulent world, remain steadfastly one’s own master
徒兒呀聽囑咐這顆心要抓住 2Disciples, heed these exhortations—take hold of this heart
莫讓它染上了塵土 Do not let it be tainted by this world
徒兒呀走好路要謹慎己腳步 Disciples, walking a good path takes careful steps
依循真理多麼清楚 So clear is abiding by the true principles
並篤定幸福來自快樂的付出 It affirms that happiness comes from joyful giving
下定決心要出離輪迴苦 3Be determined to leave the bitter cycle of birth and death
也有志氣斬除一切執著的束縛 With aspiration to remove all binding attachments
慈悲的人對眾生更照顧 Merciful people give greater consideration to sentient beings
用妙智慧引領大家明理覺悟 Use marvelous wisdom to look ahead; Everyone understand and be aware
雖然有不足千萬別服輸 4Though there may be inadequacies, never give up
再努力要讓自性光明如日出 Try harder to let one’s True Nature be bright like the sunrise