A Teacher's Heart 老師的心
蓮花朵朵開 / #20A Teacher's Heart
Melody: 娘心 調寄:A Mother’s Heart
2007.07.08 彌勒寶堂/Happy Buddha Precious Temple
英文歌詞 活佛恩師 慈訓
英文/English scripture by Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)

濟公活佛慈語Ji-Gong Living Buddha (Holy Teacher)'s merciful words
修道是個人的事,修道修己,修自己的心,修養得澄澈無憂,把自己的行為,做得正當無惡,所以這叫做修Cultivation is a personal affair of cultivating your heart. Cultivation achieves clarity without melancholy. Conduct yourself properly without evil. This is what is called cultivation.
次序 sequence: 1,2,1,2
All disciples, please follow me—I am your teacher 1徒兒們跟著我,我是你們的老師,
Guide you the great way to enter—here is your shelter 指引你一條進入聖域的道路.
Do your duty of Dao matters; Be a man of honor 做一個忠貞的修道人,盡我們應盡的責任,
Enhance your own inner power 並提升內在的力量.
As a teacher, as a father, a close supporter 2徒兒啊!師徒如父子,為師永遠是你最可靠的支柱,
No matter what you encounter, let's stand together 無論你遇到什麼因難,讓我們站在一起.
Give you the warmest shoulder to cry on forever 為師溫暖的肩膀是你永遠的依靠,
Help you to turn the corner 並幫助你安然渡過所有的難關.