百孝經 One Hundred 'Filial Piety' Classic (華語背誦)
百孝經 / #1百孝經
中文歌詞 白水老人 慈訓
中文/Chinese scripture by Pure Water Elder

Preliminary translation

次序 sequence: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
天地重孝孝當先,一個孝字全家安 1The world values filial piety as the ultimate virtue; Filial piety keeps the family at peace
孝順能生孝順子,孝順子弟必明賢 Filial people will have filial descendants; Filial descendants will be clever and virtuous
孝是人道第一步,孝子謝世即為仙 Being filial is the first step towards moral integrity; A filial person will be admitted to Heaven upon his departure from this world
自古忠臣多孝子,君選賢臣舉孝廉 In History, almost all loyal courtiers were filial people; The Sovereign always chose filial courtiers to work for him
盡心竭力孝父母,孝道不獨講吃穿 People should do their best to be filial; Filial piety is more than just providing food and clothing to one’s parents
孝道貴在心中孝,孝親親責莫回言 Filial piety comes from the bottom of the heart; A filial person, when blamed by his parents, does not talk back
惜乎人間不識孝,回心復孝天理還 2It’s a pity that many people don’t appreciate filial piety; Heavenly principles will be reinstated when filial piety returns to peoples’ hearts
諸事不順因不孝,怎知孝能感動天 When things are not going smoothly, it’s due to a lack of filial piety; In the end, you will find out that filial piety can move Heaven
孝道貴順無他妙,孝順不分女共男 The key to filial piety is to please your parents; Everyone, male and female alike, must practice filial piety
福祿皆由孝字得,天將孝子另眼觀 Both happiness and wealth originate from filial piety; Heaven will favor those who uphold filial piety
人人都可孝父母,孝敬父母如敬天 Everyone is capable of being filial to his parents; Being filial to parents is the same as worshipping Heaven
孝子口裡有孝語,孝婦面上帶孝顏 Filial people speak filial words; A filial woman always has a smiling face
公婆上邊能盡孝,又落孝來又落賢 3A woman is filial to her parents-in-law and will be respected for her filial piety and righteousness
女得淑名先學孝,三從四德孝在前 To build a good reputation, a woman must learn filial piety; Filial piety should be placed above other virtues expected of women
孝在鄉黨人欽敬,孝在家中大小歡 In their hometowns, filial people will be respected; at home they will be loved by everybody, young and old alike
孝子逢人就勸孝,孝化風俗人品端 Filial people should advise everyone to be filial; Filial piety can transform social customs and teach people to behave with dignity
生前孝子聲價貴,死後孝子萬古傳 A filial person will have a good reputation in life and will be remembered from generation to generation after death
處世惟有孝力大,孝能感動地合天 Filial piety is the strongest moral stand for anyone; Filial piety can touch the whole world
孝經孝文把孝勸,孝父孝母孝祖先 4The Classics and readings on filial piety promote filial piety and urge people to be filial to their parents and ancestors
父母生子原為孝,能孝就是好兒男 Parents bear and raise children in order to fulfill their filial obligations to their ancestors; A filial person is a good person without exception
為人能把父母孝,下輩孝子照樣還 If a person is filial to his parents, he will be loved by his filial children
堂上父母不知孝,不孝受窮莫怨天 If you show no filial piety to your parents, you cannot blame Heaven for your poverty
孝子面帶太和象,入孝出悌自然安 A filial person always looks peaceful and content; A person will have peace of mind as long as he upholds filial piety at home and shows brotherly love outside of the home
親在應孝不知孝,親死知孝後悔難 If you fail to practice filial piety while your parents are alive then it will be too late for you to repent after your parents pass away
孝在心孝不在貌,孝貴實行不在言 5What matters most is filial piety in your heart rather than in appearance, and what matters are deeds rather than words of filial piety
孝子齊家全家樂,孝子治國萬民安 When a filial person runs a family the whole family will live a happy life; When a filial person governs a nation the people will live in peace
五穀豐登皆因孝,一孝即是太平年 Bumper harvests are attributable to filial piety; Filial piety is bound to bring peace and joy
能孝不在貧和富,善體親心是孝男 Everyone, rich or poor, has the potential to practice filial piety; A person who is able to read his parents’ minds is a filial person
兄弟和睦即為孝,忍讓二字把孝全 Harmony among siblings is a sign of filial piety; Tolerance helps you achieve filial piety
孝從難處見真孝,孝容滿面承親顏 True filial piety in a person can be seen more clearly during troubled times; Take care of your parents with filial piety on your face
父母雙全正宜孝,孝思鰥寡親影單 6Lose no time in being filial to your parents while they are still alive as you may feel a sense of loss taking care of a widowed parent
趕緊孝來光陰快,親由我孝壽由天 Lose no time in being filial to your parents because time flies; You should take care of your parents by yourself and make sure they enjoy longevity
生前能孝方為孝,死後盡孝徒枉然 Only filial piety given to parents when they are still alive is considered true filial piety; Filial piety given after your parents’ death will be in vain
孝順傳家孝是寶,孝性溫和孝味甘 Filial piety is a treasure to pass from generation to generation; Filial piety helps you develop character and leaves you with warm feelings
羊羔跪乳尚知孝,烏鴉反哺孝親顏 Even lambs know filial piety as they suckle on bent knees, and crows feed their parents to show filial piety
為人若是不知孝,不如禽獸實可憐 If a person has no sense of filial piety, he is truly pathetic and inferior to animals
百行萬善孝為首,當知孝字是根源 7Filial piety is the ultimate of virtues; Everyone should know that filial piety is the origin of all virtues
念佛行善也是孝,孝仗佛力超九天 Worshipping Buddha and doing good deeds is also a form of filial piety; Filial piety, combined with Buddhism, is very powerful
大哉孝乎大哉孝,孝矣無窮孝無邊 Filial piety, oh, great filial piety! The power of filial piety knows no bounds
此篇句句不離孝,離孝人倫顛倒顛 Every verse of this poem elaborates on filial piety; Human ethics will be overturned without filial piety
念得十遍千個孝,念得百遍萬孝全 After reciting this poem ten times, you will achieve a thousand words to promote filial piety; After reciting this poem a hundred times, you will reach the perfect state of filial piety
千遍萬遍常常念,消災免難百孝篇 Recite these Classics of Filial Piety over and over again and it will keep you away from all kinds of misfortune